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PPO Service Design Principles Quiz 2

Planning, Protection and Optimization Quiz

This following sets of questions test your understanding of the concepts that had been covered in this session.


  • PPO pass score is 70%, so we expect you to score 70%


This booklet contains the scenarios upon which the 8 examination questions are based. All questions are contained within the Question Booklet and each question will clearly state the scenario to which it relates. In order to answer each of the 8 questions, you will need to read the related scenario carefully.

  • If you select the CORRECT answer, you will be awarded 5 marks for the question
  • If you select the SECOND BEST answer, you will be awarded 3 marks for the question
  • If you select the THIRD BEST answer, you will be awarded 1 mark for the question
  • If you select the DISTRACTER (the incorrect answer), you will receive no marks for the


  • If you miss any question , please review and understand the correct answer and why.


  • You may decide to check your answers as you answer each question or you can wait till end of the quiz and submit to get your overall score. This option will not be available in the Mock Exams. It is available here because you are still learning.


  • The final score provided by this software may not be accurate.
    Please note that the test software will only provide you with the score for the most correct answer (5 points) with no point for other options. Options that earn 3, 1 and 0 point will be provided within the feedback. We expect you to manually calculate your final score.
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