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Course Curriculum

Introduction to Continual Service Improvement
ITIL Continual Service Improvement Syllabus 00:00:00
Overview to ITIL Continual Service Improvement (CSI) 00:00:16
CSI: ITIL Library Constituent (Foundation Basics) 00:00:51
Introduction to CSI 00:00:44
Purpose and Objective of CSI 00:01:19
Scope of CSI 00:00:32
CSI Tangible Value to Business. 00:00:50
CSI Intangible Value to Business. 00:00:56
CSI Approach 00:00:31
CSI Approach contd. 00:01:23
Importance of CSI model. 00:00:23
Meaning of CSI model Questions 00:01:01
CSI in context within the Lifecycle 00:00:45
CSI in Strategy 00:01:24
CSI in Design 00:01:14
CSI in Transition. 00:01:12
CSI in Operation 00:01:11
CSI in Service Improvement 00:01:22
CSI Input and Output by Lifecycles Stage. 00:00:25
Successful CSI Approaches. 00:00:48
Feedback System with Lifecycle 00:00:19
Summary of Introduction to CSI 00:00:03
CSI Introduction to CSI quiz 00:12:00
Section 2: Continual Service Improvement Principles
Introduction to CSI Principles 00:00:17
Topics Covered in CSI Principles 00:00:53
Concept of CSI and Organizational Change 00:01:43
Ownership in CSI 00:01:17
Concept of CSI Register 00:00:43
Concept of Service Level Management 00:01:20
Business Value of Service Measurement 00:00:42
Baselines 00:00:38
Baselines Cont. 00:00:25
Concept of Knowledge Management 00:00:51
Knowledge Management Cont. 00:00:21
Seven Step Improvement Process 00:05:10
Seven Step Improvement Process Cont. 00:04:17
Seven Step Improvement Process with PDCA Cycle. 00:01:00
Seven Step Improvement Process with PDCA Cycle in Pictorial form. 00:00:13
Concept of Governance in CSI Principle. 00:01:08
Concept of IT Governance in CSI Principles 00:00:38
Types of Governance in CSI Principles 00:01:54
CSI: Enterprise Governance framework 00:00:47
Frameworks, Models, Standards, and Quality System 00:00:59
CSI Principles Frameworks. 00:02:01
CSI Principles: Types of Models 00:00:51
CSI Principles: Types of Standards 00:01:37
CSI Principles: Types of Quality System. 00:00:59
CSI Principles: Plan Do Check Act Cycle (PDCA). 00:01:21
CSI Principles: Critical Success Factor 00:00:44
Summary of CSI Principles 00:00:04
CSI Principles quiz 00:12:00
Section 3: Continual Service Improvement Process
CSI Process: Introduction 00:00:10
Topics covered in CSI Process 00:00:44
CSI Process: Purpose and Objective of the Seven Step Improvement Process 00:00:41
CSI Process: Scope of the Seven Step Improvement Process 00:00:55
CSI Process: Valu to Business 00:00:32
CSI Process: Policies 00:01:18
CSI Process: Policies Cont. 00:01:09
CSI Process: Policy Example of Monitoring-Service 00:00:59
CSI Process: Basic Concepts. 00:00:54
CSI Process: Basic Concepts cont. 00:01:06
CSI Process: Process Activities Methods and Techniques. 00:00:45
CSI Process: Process Activities Methods and Techniques Cont. 00:00:15
CSI Process: First step – Identify the Strategy for Improvement 00:00:51
CSI Process: Input for the First Activity 00:00:51
CSI Process: Out for the First Activity 00:00:15
CSI Process: Second Step – Define what you will Measure. 00:01:29
CSI Process: Input to Second Step. 00:00:36
CSI Process: Output to Second Step. 00:00:19
CSI Process: Third Step- Gather the Data 00:01:25
CSI Process: Input to Third Step (Gather the Data) 00:00:32
CSI Process: Output to Third Step (Gather the Data) 00:00:29
CSI Process: Fourth Step – Process the Data 00:02:17
CSI Process: Fourth Step Input and Output 00:00:34
CSI Process: Fifth Step – Analyse the Information and Data 00:01:32
CSI Process: Fifth Step Input 00:00:22
CSI Process: Fifth Step Output 00:00:22
CSI Process: Sixth Step – Present and use the Information 00:02:36
CSI Process: Sixth Step Input and Output 00:00:34
CSI Process: SLAM Chart Example 00:00:23
CSI Process: Seventh Step – Implement Improvement 00:01:44
CSI Process: Seventh Step Input and Output 00:00:39
CSI Process: Triggers Inputs and Output of Seven Step Improvement Process 00:01:14
CSI Process: Interface. 00:01:37
CSI Process: Interface Cont. 00:01:12
CSI Process: Process Involved in Gathering and Processing the Data. 00:03:18
CSI Process: Process Involved in Analysing the Data. 00:02:32
Process involved in presenting and using the information 00:02:07
Process involved in Implementing Improvement 00:02:49
CSI Process: CSF’s and KPI 00:01:40
CSI Process: Challenges 00:00:42
CSI Process: Risk 00:00:40
Summary of CSI Process 00:00:09
CSI Processes quiz 00:12:00
CSI Processes quiz 2 00:12:00
CSI Processes quiz 3 00:12:00
Section 4: Continual Service Improvement Methods and Techniques
Introduction to CSI Methods and Techniques 00:00:15
Topics covered in CSI Methods and Techniques 00:00:53
CSI Methods and Techniques: Assessment 00:01:10
Assessments Continuation (When to do assessment) 00:01:22
Assessments Continuation (what to assess) 00:01:57
Assessments Continuation (How to Assess) 00:03:23
CSI Method and Technique: Gap Analysis. 00:01:16
CSI M&T: Bench-marking 00:00:41
CSI M&T: Benchmarking Procedure 00:00:41
Benchmarking Costs 00:01:01
Benchmarking Value 00:01:37
Benchmarking as a lever for change 00:00:32
Benchmarking as a Steering Instrument 00:00:24
Benchmarking Categories. 00:01:02
Benchmarking Benefits. 00:00:29
What to Benchmark 00:01:59
Benchmarking Who is Involved. 00:01:36
Benchmarking: Comparison With Industry Norms 00:01:51
Benchmark Approach 00:01:11
CSI Methods and Techniques: Service Measurement. 00:00:33
Design and Develop of a Service measurement framework 00:01:13
Service Measurement: Define Roles and Responsibility. 00:00:46
Different Levels of Measurement and Reporting 00:00:56
Service Measurement Model 00:00:19
Service Management Process Measurement Model 00:01:08
Service Measurement Model Explained 00:00:51
Creating a Measurement Framework Grid 00:00:40
Service Measurement Metrics 00:01:10
Service Measurement: How many CSFs KPIs. 00:01:50
Types of KPIs 00:01:16
Tension Metrics 00:00:37
Goals and Metrics. 00:00:39
Interpreting and Using Metrics. 00:01:20
Using Measurement and Metrics 00:01:46
Setting Targets. 00:01:07
Balanced Scorecard 00:01:31
Example of a Balanced Scorecard 00:01:03
SWOT Analysis 00:00:52
Example or Sample of SWOT Analysis 00:01:03
Concept of Return on Investment 00:01:54
Example of Return on Investment (ROI) 00:00:28
Value on Investment 00:01:20
Establishing the Business Case. 00:01:02
Reporting Policies and Rule in Service Reporting. 00:02:04
CSI and other Service Management processes: Availability Management 00:01:15
Component Failure Impact Analysis and CSI 00:00:56
Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) and CSI 00:00:54
Service Failure Analysis and CSI. 00:01:09
Technical Observation (TO) and CSI 00:01:42
CSI and Capacity Management. 00:01:40
Connecting Business and Service Capacity Management 00:00:53
The Expanded Incident Lifecycle 00:00:46
Workload and Demand Management for CSI. 00:03:32
IT Service Continuity Management use in CSI 00:01:50
Risk Register and CSI. 00:00:42
Risk Register explained 00:00:26
Problem Management and CSI. 00:00:49
Knowledge Management and CSI. 00:00:38
CSI Methods and Techniques Summary 00:00:14
CSI methods and techniques quiz 00:12:00
CSI methods and techniques quiz 2 00:12:00
CSI methods and techniques quiz 3 00:12:00
Section 5: Organizing for Continual Service Improvement
introduction to Organizing for CSI 00:00:14
Topics covered in Organizing for CSI 00:00:50
Roles Involved in CSI: Service Manager. 00:00:57
Roles Involved in CSI: Service Owner. 00:02:28
Roles of Process owner in CSI 00:02:20
Process Manager Role in CSI 00:01:01
Role of Process-Practitioner in CSI 00:00:50
Roles involved in Seven Step Improvement Process 00:00:54
Roles of CSI Manager 00:02:53
Activities and Skill Levels needed for CSI 00:00:32
Responsibility Model RACI 00:00:58
Example of RACI Matrix 00:00:25
Summary of Organizing for Continual Service Improvement 00:00:09
CSI Organizing for CSI quiz 00:12:00
CSI Organizing for CSI quiz 2 00:12:00
Section 6: Technology Considerations
CSI Technology Considerations: Introduction 00:00:21
Contents of Technology Consideration. 00:00:35
Tools to Support CSI Activities. 00:01:39
IT Service Management Suite 00:04:34
System and Network Management. 00:01:50
CSI: Event-Management. 00:01:12
Automated Incident and Problem Resolution 00:01:02
Performance Management Tools 00:01:42
Statistical Analysis Tools. 00:01:09
CSI Project and Portfolio Management 00:01:01
CSI: Financial Management Tool. 00:01:36
Business Intelligence Reporting Tools. 00:01:29
CSI Technology Considerations: Summary 00:00:07
CSI Technology Considerations quiz 00:12:00
Section 7: Implementing Continual Service Improvement
Introduction to Implementing Continual Service Improvement 00:00:16
Implementing CSI 00:01:05
Critical Consideration for implementing CSI 00:00:33
Critical Consideration for implementing CSI cont. 00:00:19
Considering CSI using Service Approach. 00:03:01
CSI Implementation: Concept of Governance 00:02:09
CSI Implementation: Concept- of Governance Cont. 00:00:46
COBIT as a Governance Framework 00:00:38
Concept of CSI and Organizational Change 00:01:11
Kotters eight step approach for success. 00:01:10
Kotters eight step approach for success II. 00:01:34
Kotters eight step approach for success III. 00:01:54
Kotters eight step approach for success IV 00:01:28
Kotters eight step approach for success V 00:00:52
Kotters eight step approach for success VI 00:01:25
Kotters eight step approach for success VII 00:02:12
Communication Strategy Plan 00:01:04
Communication Strategy Plan Cont. 00:02:22
CSI Implementing CSI quiz 00:12:00
CSI Implementing CSI quiz 2 00:12:00
Section 8: Challenges, Critical Success Factor & Risk
Introduction to CSI Challenges, Critical Success Factor & Risk 00:00:18
CSI Challenges CSF and Risk Objective. 00:00:44
Understanding of the Challenges in CSI 00:01:16
Critical Success Factors (CSFs) of CSI 00:00:56
Risks Associated with CSI. 00:01:13
Summary of CSI Challenges, Critical Success Factor & Risk 00:00:08
CSI CSF & Risk quiz 00:12:00
Continual Service Improvement quizzes
Continual Service Improvement quiz 00:12:00
Axelos Sample Papers
Continual Service Improvement Examination Sample Papers 03:00:00

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